I am trying to increase my affordance for writing more. That’s why I have this blog. The point is to write something – anything – when the mood strikes me. So that when I actually need or want to get stuff written, I’ll be in the habit.

If you want to make me happy, please let me know what worked for you and – even more importantly – what I should be trying to improve.  Here is my anonymous feedback form – please use it if you have anything to tell me but don’t want to say it directly.

I am also on Twitter and Facebook.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is an example of a comment. Unlike posts, which are authored by the blog’s owner, comments are suited for reader feedback that you want to be published along with the post, like flamethreads or fake rolex ads. Click the Reply box to troll previous commenters or add another goatse.

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